Getting the job done, using the right equipment.


Whether hiking 400 kilometres through the Rocky Mountains with reality stars, doing sit down interviews with politicians, or on a set recording dramatic style television, Simon Paine has the right gear to go with the skills. Choose from the “Portable” or “Cart-based” options depending on the type of production you’re creating.

The Portable and Cart-based systems both share a set of industry -leading microphones including Sennheiser MKH-60, MKH-50, MKH-30 Sanken COS-11, Countryman B6. Both systems also include Lectrosonics MM400c wireless microphone transmitters, which are rugged, waterproof and small enough to be properly hidden on the talent.

In addition to these top of the line items, each system also boasts it’s own equipment, specially designed for different production styles.

Portable System

When your show is on the go, the Portable System goes along too. This up to date kit includes Sound Devices 442 mixer, 3 Lectrosonics UCR 411 wireless receivers, Loon 14 foot boom, Sony HDR-7506 headphones. Everything in the bag is powered by high capacity Lithium Ion NP style batteries to ensure long operating times with minimal down time.

So when your production can be anywhere at anytime, Simon Paine and his Portable Audio System will keep your show sounding its very best!

Cart-Based System

Featuring a fully digital workflow, the Cart-Based System is a complete sound studio on wheels. This system features a Zaxcom Cameo, 8 channel digital mixer, a Sound Devices recorder and Lectrosonics Venue wireless system. It also includes IFB headphone feeds for Directors, Producers, script etc. Fully DC powered, it can run on it’s large capacity batteries for several hours, if power isn’t available. It’s designed to be mobile, while still providing all the tools for the job. The Cart-Based system is the perfect choice for your dramatic productions, movies or reality TV recording.

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